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FREEING THE MOBILE BODY Aimed to dance students or people interested in dance as medium of expression. Previous dance or movement experience is recommended. The main aim of the workshop is to strengthen the integral body in connection with the mind allowing it to be free for discovering, enjoying and magnifying the range of expressive movement of each participant. Paula offers a workshop structured around the Bartenieff Fundamentals to improve conscious of the mobile body through the reciprocal connection between mind, body, sensation and movement while interpreting and creating dance. During the workshop she uses different tools and paths, personalized according to the necessities of each participant, to generate movement and to work on set choreographies. She emphasized elements as the dramaturge construction drown from conscious body sensations, as well as the precise and designed use of space, sight, relationship to the other, risk and the diverse use of dynamics and muscular tension during movement. The workshop offers a balance between delivered exercises and improvise explorations allowing the participants to embody each proposed idea encouraging them to play, discover and work on choreographic seeds. CREATIVE DANCE Aimed to young people wanting to explore the expressive and movement possibilities of the body. Previous dance experience is not required. This workshop use dance as a medium to focus on the self-unique body, its movement possibilities and its inherent spatial and contact relationship with other bodies and with the environment; generating a deeper understanding of the personal body. Punctual aims of this workshop are: i Contribute to the integral vision of young people introducing contemporary dance as an expression and communication possibility. i Promote contemporary dance among young communities. i Teach and learn from the interactive experience with different groups. Paula believes that creative dance can help to enhance mental and physical confidence to express oneself through movement. It can also contribute to build stronger human relationships enhancing the sense of identity and belonging. During the workshop Paula offers technical knowledge as well as creative exercises encouraging always the active and thoughtful participation of students. Capacity of reflection, auto-evaluation and critical analysis are main components of the learning experience. CUNNINGHAM INTENSIVE Aimed to professional dancers, intermediate or advance dance students. This workshop introduces the principles of Cunningham technique as tools for control, strength and coordination; focusing mainly on the spine and its possibilities, as well as on the rhythmic qualities and isolations of each part of the body. The constant communication between mind and body is one of Paula’s interests, she encourages participants to analyse it in order to improve the movement ability of the integral body while dealing with different styles of dance. { } { } { }