EROSIONAL 2010-2016 Choreography and performance: Paula Rechtman Original music and performance: Leika Mochán Set design: Ana Rechtman Lighting design: Jésica Elizondo and Patricia Bravo Length: 14 minutes Eroded environment. Eroding elements and beings. Erosional identities. Eroded bodies. My vulnerable and expose body being manipulated by water; water being manipulated by me, eroded by me… Erosional portrays a simple but vital relationship: the one that exist between life and water. It proposes a reflection on how human life use, enjoy, waste and erode water. Erosional started in 2010 supported by the program Creadores Escénicos FONCA, Mexico (National Fund for the Arts) and the residency Dance Space@Clarence Mews, London. It has been presented in various and diverse stages: i Helsinky, Finland: outdoor spaces. 2010. i Valencia, Spain: Gallery Sportin Club, Russafa. 2010. i Chicago: Universities and cultural centres. 2011. i Mexico: International Dance Festival, Morelos Tierra de Encuentro 2010, Danza Hoy, Talleres de Coyoacán 2011, Siguientescena Festival 2013, Performática Festival 2014, International Festival Cervantino 2015 and Aguascalientes Alternativo Arte Escénico 2015. During 2016 Erosional will develop into an installation piece for museum and galleries .
Y… LINEANDO LÍNEAS 2017 Choreography and performance: Paula Rechtman Original music and performance: Leika Mochán Set design: Paula and Ana Rechtman Lighting design: Jésica Elizondo Multimedia: Moisés Regla Length: 1 hour Y… Lineando Líneas is a solo performance, or rather a duet between movement and voice, that uses set design and multimedia to generate an interactive dialogue with the audience to reflect about questions as: Who I am? Where do I come from? What does it means to be Mexican? What does it means to belong to a group, religion or country? Y…Lineando Lineas will premier in 2017 supported by the grant Jóvenes Creadores, FONCA.
CICATRICES, memoria en el cuerpo 2015 Performance: Paula Rechtman Live Music: Leika Mochán Gallery intervention-improvisation for the art work El Cuerpo como Memoria by Pamela Zubillan and Miriam Medrez at NM Contemporáneo Art Gallery in Cuernavaca. Premiered during VI International Dance Festival, Morelos Tierra de Encuentro 2015.
AL DESPERTAR LA MAÑANA / WHEN MORNING BREAKS 2013 Choreography and performance: Paula Rechtman Sound design: Jatin Vidyarthi, Joseph Hyde and Aguibou B. Sanou Music: La Mariquita (Gusto Calentano from Guerrero, Mexico) composed by J. Isaías Salmerón Pastenes Lighting design: Horst Mueberger Photographies: Lekha Naidu Length: 14 minutes How can I maintain coherence in my body when bodies, images, rumors and unexplainable realities surround it? How to keep living when survival has become just a matter of luck? How to survive in a country paralyzed by fear? This solo is part of Paula´s responses to the current reality in Mexico, a reality that has become violent and confusing as a consequence of the war against organized crime started by the government in 2006. A war that has affected, not only criminals, but also society, journalist, artists and social activists. The title Al despertar la mañana refers to the popular Mexican song México Lindo y Querido. A song that, similarly to the inspiration of the dance piece, portrays a deeply nostalgic feeling: the necessity and impossibility of living peacefully in one´s home place. Al despertar la mañana was created and produced during the residency program FACETS, the choreography residency in Bangalore, India, 2012 and premiered at Attakkallari India Biennial 2013. It has been presented in: i Chicago: The Poetry Foundation and Meztli Cultural Centre. 2013. i Indonessia: Langjong Art Festival. 2013. i Burkina Faso: In - Out Dance Festival. 2014. i Mexico: International Dance Day, Cuernavaca. 2013. National Dance Encounter, Cuautla. 2014.