Creative Work






EL UNIVERSAL Cataclismo (del absurdo y la necedad...) By JUAN HERNÁNDEZ "When choreographers know what they want to say, their dance speaks in a forceful and convincing manner. That is what happens in Cataclismo (del absurdo y la necedad…) the choreographer´s discourse does not appeal to old contemporary dance formulas, instead it explores new routes that respond to expressive necessities; drown from what they want to say. The dance pieces achieve a difficult simplicity of discourse, which is possible because the choreographers know whom they want to address".
MELI MELÓ Cataclismo (del absurdo y la necedad...) By MÓNICA MORENO The Colectivo Pausa en Movimiento presents three short pieces that shows a new face of contemporary dance, a face that is not made just for those who already know its languages and codices. After watching Cataclismo (del absurdo y la necedad) w ego out of the theatre willing to find more of this kind of choreographies which, through their quality and simplicity, invite us to merge in an artistic world in which we thought we did not have a place.
MILENIO Agua en Movimiento By XAVIER QUIRARTE "Started as a choreographic piece for theatres is now an installation for this space at Museo de la Luz, where the installation invites the participation of the audience. This piece has drove attention of various members of the artistic community who have participated in other occasions and will continue inhabiting Erosional during the exhibition at Museo de la Luz until June 30."
FORO CONSULTIVO CIENTÍFICO Y TECNOLÓGICO Presentan Erosional, expresión del arte en torno al agua By MARIANA DOLORES “We had never had an art installation at Museo de la Luz before, however, the group of joung artists PAUSA en movimiento achieved a fortunate mix between art and science. Finally the museum agreed with this idea of presenting to the audience a complete vision of culture”, says Leticia Enriquez Andrade, technical services coordinator at the museum."