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EROSIONAL:INHABITED INSTALLATION By Paula Rechtman, Leika Mochán, Ana Rechtman, Virginia Bravo and Jésica Elizondo Beauty of water, its movements, reflections, diffractions, tension, consistence, colours and its potential to originate life and destroy it; its eroding and erosional capacity are the inspiration for this work. Inside and outside the body we are surrounded by water in perpetual movement, for this installation we use water as a mirror and an amplifier for sound and movement waves that generates an abstract sensitive language offering a space to meditate about water and our completely dependence to it. The installation creates a surrounding environment where the spatial, visual, lighting and sound design is generate by water in perpetual movement; offering an interactive space to be inhabited by invited artists and visitors. EROSIONAL: Inhabited Installation is the first installation project by Leika Mochán, Jésica Elizondo, Ana and Paula Rechtman. Comprised of lighted water in different states and containers, sound landscape created from the water dropping in the installation and inhabited by live performance.

Museo Universitario de Arte


MUAC – April 8, 9 and 10


Museo de la Luz

May 18 to June 30

The installation project has been developed in the framework of their interaction on the dance piece Erosional: a dance piece created and performed by Paula Rechtman since 2010, which was enriched by the voice of Leika Mochán, the lighting of Jésica Elizondo and the visual identity created by Ana Rechtman in 2013. Performers then inhabit this installation: Paula Rechtman (dance) and Leika Mochán (music), or invited artists, reacting to the movement of the work using their body and their voice. The elements of the piece generate an interactive space, which surrounds its inhabitants, audience and invited artists, with the softness and strength of water nature as well as the subtleness of art.