Paula collaborates with the company Foramen M., directed by Marcos A. Rossi and Beatriz Madrid since 2001 touring to Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and around important theatres  and  festivals  in  Mexico. Among  the  pieces  she  has dance are some by Marcos A. Rossi: Zona Dark, Biyuya Dios y yo, Solo x 1 and Velo-Vé (Love); and others by Beatriz Madrid: Teorema de Gyneka, Habitantes and Epidermis; also the pieces Stains on White by invited choreographer Dam Van Huynh and Identikit by invited choreographer Mariana Bellotto.  In 2008 she choreographed the duet Ánima for Beatriz Madrid and herself. She has  also  created  two  pieces  for  the  Taller  Profesional  de  Danza,  Foramen  M. Ballet: Ecos Líquidos (2010) and Sistema Variable (2013). For 2016 Paula will dance in Beatriz Madrid new creation: Ecos Silenciosos and in a new solo by Marcos A. Rossi.




ÁNIMA 2008 Chorography: Paula Rechtman Performance: Betriz Madrid or Yuridia Ortega and Paula Rechtman Music: Ludus by Arvo Pärt of As mo cheann by Jennifer Walshe Set design: David Muñoz Costume design: Talia Baker Lighting design: Marcos A. Rossi Length: 10 minutes From the beginning there were two women. Two women and their encounter. The encounter of gazes... until they recognize each other on their image. Until they desire themselves. Or desire to be lost in the other, to be blended, to become the other. Or the same one. Actually, maybe they were always the same. Or the other from the beginning. Or not. Maybe there was only one woman, a lonely woman and her reflection. Her reassembly, her spectrum. Her symmetry. Or the reflection of a woman. Or many women, all of them divided by mirrors. Or a single woman but divided by half, with a half inevitably surrended to the other. The truth is that there was a mirror and that mirror was a woman. Text by Laia Jufresa Ánima was created in 2008 supported by Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes, Morelos, Mexico (Local Fund for the Arts). It has been performed at: i Cuernavaca: Teatro Ocampo 2008. i Mexico City: Teatro de la Danza 2008. Los talleres de Coyoacan 2009 and Un Teatro 2015.
ECOS LÍQUIDOS 2010 Choreography: Paula Rechtman with creative input from the performers Performers: Alejandra Aparicio, Beatriz Dávila, Karina López, Daniela Armenta and Areli Marmolejo Music: Steve Reich and Gyorgy Ligeti Sound design: Rodrigo Tamaris Costume design: Sebastián Solórzano Set design: Paula Rechtman Lighting design: Marcos A. Rossi A voice sounds and disappears. Many voices sound, speak in unison, shout, meet but... disappear. Just a few remain, like echoes in the memory... Ecos Líquidos was commissioned in 2010 for the students of Taller Profesional de Danza, Foramen M.
SISTEMA VARIABLE 2013 Choreography: Paula Rechtman with creative input from the performers Performers: Kenia Navarro, Sergio Ornelas, Silvia Mohedano, Gina Ancona, Sandra G. Villavicencio, Talia Tinoco, Lluvia de Anda, Ándres de la Cruz, Alejandra Ocelli and Freda Fitch Original Music: Cris van Beuren Costume design: Paula Rechtman and Beatriz Madrid Lighting design: Marcos A. Rossi Sistema Variable is a game in which every little action generates a chain of reactions among the group; a constant dynamic movement within a group of individuals, within a society. A mixture betwwen improvisation and set movement material results in a dynamic and ever evolving piece challenging for the performers as well as for the audience. Sistema Variable was commissioned in 2013 for the students of Taller Profesional de Danza, Foramen M.