ECOS SILENCIOSOS Fóramen M. 2016 Choreography: Beatriz Madrid Performers: Paula Rechtman, Gerardo Sánchez, Mariana García Colín, Andrés de la Cruz, Tanya Cárdenas, Sergio Ornelas, Kenia Navarro, Gina Ancona, Silvia Mohedano y Beatriz Madrid. Original music: Fernando Martínez del Campo Music: David Parsons Set design: Itziar Giner Costume design: FMB production, Odaki y Lalo Lugo Lighting design: Virginia Bravo Multimedia: Moisés Regla i Mexico City: Teatro de la Danza. 2016 i Cuernavaca: Teatro Ocampo. 2016
DEL SUSPIRO Y VOY… Fóramen M. 2016 Choreography: MArcos A. Rossi Performer: Paula Rechtman i Cuernavaca: Teatro Ocampo, International Dance Day, Con los Pies en el Aire and International Dance Festival, Morelos Tierra de Encuentro. 2016.
TEMPERATURE 2015 - 2016 Choreography and performance: Paula Rechtman and Aguibou B. Sanou Choreography mentorship: Beatriz Madrid Original music: Leika Mochán Temperature is an ongoing collaboration between Mexican artists Paula Rechtman and Aguibou B. Sanou from Burkina Faso. Both artists are sharing experiences and thought around climate change and global warming: how temperature afects every day life and human relationships. Supported by the excellence residency program granted by AMEXCID/SRE (Foreing Affairs Ministry, Mexico) in collaboration with Foramen M. Ballet and F4Libre. Performed as work in progress at: i Mexico City: Interior 7. i Cuautla: National Dance Encounter. Will premier during 2016 in Mexico and during 2017 in Burkina Faso.
A THREAD Jean Abreu Dance 2014 Choreography: Jean Abreu Performance: Maria Fonseca, Rosana Ribeiro, Stephen Moynihan, Wayson Poon, Joshua Smith and Paula Rechtman Artist / Sculptor: Elisa Bracher Composer: Dan Jones
Costume design: Morgan Large
Voice Coach: Nia Lyn (RSC)
Dramaturg: Shu Xie
Producer: Natalie Richardson for Konzept Arts & Ideas A Thread is a dance piece interacting, responding and collaborating with the work of renowned Brazilian visual artist Elisa Bracher. A Thread was performed as work in progress during a UK tour in 2014. It will premier in 2016.
PLANTING MEMORIES 2011 Choreography and Performance: Marie Chabert and Paula Rechtman Choreography and dramaturgy mentorship: Jean Abreu Original music: Michael Picknett Lighting design: Jéssica Elizondo Lenght: 29 minutos Paula has been collaborating with French dance artist Marie Chabert, artistic director of Compagnie Bodysong, since 2011 in the creation and devising of the dance duet Planting Memories and the workshop Creative dance as a tool against violence. Planting Memories is a dance duet that explores the concepts of personal space and identity. Drawing inspiration from their origins and autobiography, Marie and Paula relate personal memories through text and images. Their desire is to connect and communicate with each other, gradually constructing a relationship that evolves into building one unique body. By plunging into a surreal world, this piece guides the audience through a personal journey in which the unfolding of the past enables the present. Planting Memories was created with the support of a residency program by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Mexico (National Fund for the Arts) and supported by Jean Abreu Dance and South Hill Arts Centre in the UK, Opera-Theater St. Etienne and and National Centre de la Danse in France. It has been presented in: i London: Rich Mix. 2011. i Croatia: Karlovac Dance Festival. 2012 i Mexico: Dance Theatre in Mexico City, Ocampo Theatre in Cuernavaca and International Dance Festival, Morelos Tierra de Encuentro. 2013. i Burkina Faso: In - Out Dance Festival. 2015. In 2013, during a residency at Le Croiseur in France, Marie and Paula designed the workshop Creative dance as a tool against violence based on their experience collaborating together.